How to Drive Targeted Website Traffic in 2017



Targeted website traffic is one of the most important keys to success for online businesses in 2017. Quality SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) was the traditional and most common way to achieve this.  As the internet is an ever evolving world of fluidity, the techniques used to guarantee success that have been implemented yesterday are now changing for the success of your business tomorrow.

SEO is not enough and is no longer the main method to gain traffic and visitors to your online business. For example, most writers and bloggers put minimal effort into their SEO and instead focus on providing quality content to their sites and have been extremely triumphant in their endeavors. Those sites with quality content have a higher rating than those just using traditional SEO practices. Applying superior content is just one of the newer recognized techniques to drive targeted website traffic.

Stamping your website address in your email signature or on any posts, becoming a guest writer on famous sites, and sharing your article to multiple locations can all have a larger impact on your online business and the realization of your site driving targeted traffic.

Quality and efficient SEO is still very much relevant and essential but adding the above mentioned techniques to your online business tactics will allow for continued and constant success. As the World Wide Web is constantly changing so are the techniques that work to keep your business thriving and relevant.

Quality Content

Offering high quality and original content to your website will effectively increase your website traffic. In 2017 it is beyond easy to cut corners when adding content to your site. By ordering cheapened down articles and posts, for only a few dollars, may seem like a good deal but then it cheapens your site as well. There are numerous online algorithms in place to detect spun ( not original ) and plagiarized content that can not only deter and frustrate your visitors when trying to read such things. This can also have a negative effect on your ratings.

Adding high quality original content to your site may cost a little more and take a little more time and thought but can have multiple positive effects for your business. Providing your visitors with excellent content will gain the interest of more visitors and allow your site to grow through recommendations via visitor to visitor. Also, with the more original content that your site provides the higher you will rank on keywords. Investing in high quality content for your site will not only keep your visitors happy but will also keep your rankings happy. Investing in high quality content for your site is a great way to drive targeted website traffic and keep your online business fresh and flourishing.

Stamp Your Website Address In Your Email Signature Or On Any Posts

Emails are the way of communicating in today’s day and age. Whether it’s communicating with coworkers and or clients all day at work, emailing family and friends about upcoming birthdays or holidays, or even emailing your neighbors, doctor’s office, etc, emails are the main form of communicating quickly and efficiently.

Most businesses do not take advantage of using an email signature that can effectively and effortlessly promote their business and endeavors further. The benefit of stamping your website address in your email signature and or adding links to your site via your email signature is that the more people who see your business name and can link to your site than the greater chance you have of adding traffic to your site. Adding this simple link to your email signature is free advertising and marketing of your business, and allows for a chance of more visitors to see and be aware of your business.

Add a stamp to your email signature that leads to your home page or free demo or blog post. It’s free advertising after all and you are already sending those emails so add a little to your signature to help your business receive the recognition it deserves.

Become a Guest Writer On Famous Websites

Writing is a great tool to bring visitors to your site. Great but who is going to see your writing if your site isn’t established? When first starting out become a guest writer on a more established site with high authority that will link back to your own site.

Being a guest writer on a much larger established site allows for a more diverse and larger group of visitors to view your writing. The easiest way to jump into the world of writing through blog posts or articles and to bring your business and site the attention it deserves is by guest writing on a famous site.

Quality original content is needed in order for online businesses to succeed so larger sites often look for writers to not only add content to their site that they need to continue to thrive but in turn this allows individuals to promote their businesses through linking back to their own websites. This system is a win win for both the larger established site constantly receiving fresh and quality content along with allowing smaller writers and unheard of talented people to gain recognition for their efforts.

Share Your Article 

The final step in driving targeted website traffic to ensure your businesses success is to share your article. Again writing is prominent and prevalent today in pushing your online business forward. Sharing your article or writing to multiple locations further establishes your businesses place in the growing online world. Share to your social media like facebook and twitter. Share to social bookmarking sites and forums. Don’t spam and don’t overdo it but definitely get your writing out there.

For every time you share an article or post with a link attached to send visitors back to your online business you are increasing targeted website traffic and increasing your chance of creating new clients. Through writing you can increase your online businesses prominence in the online community and therefore increase your businesses chance at success in this ever shifting online world.

So then the question is is SEO dead? No definitely not. These methods are best used in accompaniment to quality SEO work. Driving targeted website traffic in 2017 seems like a lot of work but is completely doable. The biggest thing to take away from these new tactics to manage the success of any online business is content and writing needs to be original and of quality.

Use your email signature to further advertise your business and latest projects. Become a guest writer on a famous site to then have a larger audience for your writing and to link back to your own site. Share your article and writing via social media platforms. Take advantage of all the tools listed here to ensure the ongoing success of your online business. Whether you are a Shakespeare in the making or just passed high school writing courses there are options available to you. Look into finding quality writers online. You get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap and cheapen your site. Pay for quality work or put in quality time in your own writing.

Online business success tactics are constantly changing but high quality writing will never go out of style. This is how you drive targeted website traffic in 2017 and this is how you will continue to thrive in your online business.